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Our Karts

We have a fleet of Rimo Sinus Ion Electric Karts, and a fleet of Biz Electric Cadet Karts.

Sinus Ion Electric Karts

German Engineering, British Ingenuity.

 The dedication to the development of the alternative drive means at RiMO: SiNUS Ion uses the most advanced technology available. The entire development comes from RiMO’s in house team and differs mainly by the construction of the vehicles, and the technical design of all electric karts. The karts use two electric motors which come with a rated power of 2.8 kW - max. 12 kW per engine. The motors are 48 V AC permanent magnet synchronous motors, these are brushless meaning there is no carbon deposit. The lithium iron manganese phosphate 4 cells (LiFeMnPO 4 cells) ensure the safe operation, and ultimate power.

Krazee Karting Features

  • Laser Targeting Senders & Receivers
  • Multifunction Interactive Steering Wheels
  • Shoot, Boost and Shield
  • Weapons Lock Warning Light
  • Shoot the kart ahead to reduce their speed for 5 seconds
  • Use the Boost function to receive a 5 second speed advantage
  • Deploy your Shield to defend against attacks from other karts  

Kart Specifications

  • Vmax 53kph
  • 2x 2.8kW Motors
  • 95Nm Torque Per Wheel
  • 100Ah LiFeMnPo4 Batteries
  • Electronic Differential
  • Each rear wheel is individually driven and braked
  • Braking energy recovery
  • RACS (RiMO Advanced Cooling System), two built-in side fan boxes for permanent cooling of the batteries, motors and gears, allowing long-distance races (24-hour race tested)

EcoVolt Electric Cadet Karts (Beaulieu)

Our EcoVolt Cadet has been exclusively designed for children aged between 5 and 12 years old. It offers the same fantastic technology as developed for the EcoVolt NG Adult. Each component has been carefully selected and put through rigorous testing cycles. The kart is modular in design, featuring a powerful, maintenance free, brushless motor combined with a compact, reliable controller and lightweight lithium-ion battery. The result is a 'plug and play' solution that is easily understood and maintained. With sliding seat and adjustable pedal system, the kart offers complete flexibility to different children's heights. The optional De Haardt speed control system gives the operator absolute control over the speeds in which the karts can operate. With up to four custom settings, it is fully flexible to the differing abilities of your younger drivers. An innovative safety feature only possible using electric technology.


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